Potato onion carrying vehicles became a lifeline in the lockdown

report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur Onion-carrying vehicles become lifelines in the lockdown. Nine people who arrived in Kharagpur from Vardhman district of Bengal were fed and sent to Jamkhed in Malegaon tehsil of Wasim district of Maharashtra, including three women and three children. Lockdown victim Saheb Rao says that three of us families used to work as contractors and were involved in road construction work. After the lockdown, he left for his home in Maharashtra and reached Kharagpur today after walking for five days, where he met railwayman Naveen Sharma in Jaihindanagar area after which these people were fed food. Talked to the driver who brought the onion bulb of Kharagpur from then did not face any trouble on the way, so the police permission was also given. And all were off. These people were very happy after getting the vehicle.
Rahul Kochhar, vice-president of Kharagpur Potato Onion Association, said that the daily wage laborers had to go to Vaasi and the vehicle would go to the town, 1800 km from here, these people would be released in the city from where these people would go to their homes through other vehicles. Rahul told that four people of Malda district are also trapped in Kharagpur and the association is trying to take them home. Experts say that instead of bringing the stranded people back home, where they are, arrangements should be made for them to stay and take care of social distancing only then the lockdown will be successful and the chances of infection of corona will be less.

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