Rail employee suspended for spreading corona rumor

Kharagpur, A railway employee has been suspended for allegedly spreading Corona rumors. a young railway employee's health checkup done at Kharagpur Rail Divisional Hospital on Saturday, the doctor advised him home quarantine for 14 days after the investigation noted that patient has no history of contact covid 19 +ve patient. the doctor's prescription went viral on social media  interpreting that patient is corona positive. Finally, the railway administration, suspended the employee from his job today allegedly spreading corona rumors.  employee living in nimpura were returned to  Panskuda after duty.  PRO kharagpur rail division Aditya Kumar Choudhary told that the railway employee suspended  for the rumor, however, an inquiry committee would be formed where accused could defend himself. he advised people to stay away from the rumor. railwaymen coming from outside or who came few days ago were being advised for Quarantine if they feel unwell.

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