an old man shock dead after younger brother's death

Kharagpur, In the shock of younger brother's death, the elder brother died. Sheikh Naushad (45), resident of Banshbari of Panchberia, died due to deteriorating health in the early hours of  thursday, it is learned that sudden froth started coming out of his mouth and in a short time Naushad died whose funeral was done in the afternoon in Pirbaba cemetery on thursfay. In which the elder brother, 60-year-old Bilal was also involved, after coming from there, Sheikh Bilal also stunned in his house and also died. It is learned that Sheikh Naushad used to work in Malgodam in Kharagpur station. Kharagpur Municipal Vice Chairman Sheikh Hanif says that the elder brother was already ill and the younger one possibly died of a heart attack. It is to be known that among the three brothers, Naushad lived with the middle brother while Bilal lived in the balu basti.

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