Dealers are bound to provide ration, Poor will get GR, Dengue survey will be done soon

report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, people who are harressed by the ration dealer, can complain to the SDO for not giving ration. Decision was taken in the board meeting of Kharagpur municipality. on questioning by councilors on harrassed by ration dealers, the SDO assured the councilors that if a dealer is reluctant to give ration and bothers, then customers can complain directly to him.  ration is being given to the people through tokens. A new list has come up so that some others will also be able to take ration.
Ward 22 Congress councilor Madhu Kami said that such poor people who are not even in the new list will be able to get wheat through GR, they hoped that 5-6 quintals of grain can be found in each ward. Ward 32's TMC Councilor Sanatan Yadav said that the dengue survey will be done after the lockdown opens. For the survey, he has asked for a list of five people from the ward. Sanatan said that the number of poor in his ward is more, he has distributed 8 kg of rice, two kg of potato and packet of salt to 713 people in Chhota Aayama area, while three kg of rice and potatoes have been distributed to 540 families in Arambati area so that the people of Arambati will be able to get the benefit of GR's grain. In the board meeting, SDO Vaibhav Chaudhary, Food Officer S. Chatterjee, newly appointed kgp municipality Executive Officer Arun Samant And most of the councilors were present while some were absent.

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