Dettol crisis creates dispute, Wholesalers says supply insufficient

Kharagpur,While there is a shortage of Dettol in Kharagpur city these days, many shopkeepers and wholesalers have been accused of arbitrariness. Due to Corona, there is a shortage in the supply of Dettol in the city like other sanitizers. Shashank Shekhar Saha, resident of kharida alleged that he purchased Dettol from a grocery shop in kharida Market, and it was charged 65 rupees instead of 55 rupees. The customer first complained to the councilor then the police. On arrival of the police it was found that the shopkeepers had taken  10 rs extra for  rat killing medicines. TMC leader Raju Gupta says that the shopkeeper admitted his mistake after which the matter was settled. Here the medical shopkeepers say that distributors are placing a strange condition to consume their rat killing medicine and not supplying in medical shops but are only supplying in the grocery shop. Wholesalers Sandeep Aggarwal said that there is shortage in supply. On the condition of selling rat killinh medicine, he said that only the company can react in this regard. There is shortage in hand wash, mask, sanitizers also.

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