People surprised to find a peahen on the streets, Morni is being sent to Jhargram Park Elephant's teeth confiscated

reportby raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, People were amazed to see peahen walking out of the house in Sauri village of Belda. A CRPF jawans had kept peacock and peahen for the past many years. Today, crowds gathered in the streets to see the peahen and after informing the police, the police seized the peahen and sent it to the forest department. The forest department is sending the peacock to Jhargram Deer Park. A CRPF personnel found two eggs of Morni a few years ago and brought him to his home in the village of Porlda. When people saw Morni wandering on the streets, they informed the police, Belda police station in-charge Amit Mukherjee said that we seized peahen from the village of Soudi under joragadia police post and handed over to the forest department Kharagpur DFO, kharagpur Arup Mukherjee said that Morni is being sent to Jhargram Deer Park.  jawan are currently working under the cobra post in Punjab.
A team of 30 -35 elephants have entered the Jatiya jungle near Kralakunda in Kharagpur Rural Police Station, elephant teams are being monitored so that no untoward incident occurs.
Here the police have seized the teeth of an elephant's body found in the Bakra forest of Jambani police station in Jhargram district. Jhargram district SP amit bharat rathore said that the miscreants had hidden ivory under Culvert which has been confiscated by the police and investigation into the case is on.

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