old man's death news rumor:MLA, Belda's vill Sealed, sent to quarantine

Dantan MLA Bikram Pradhan described the death of a 70-year-old elderly in Belda police station as a rumor. The MLA says that the news of the death of the elderly had come to them on Thursday night and they were thinking of a funeral but on Friday it was found that the condition of the old man is stable, here the police officer said that we had also similar news of death which was wrong. Meanwhile, G.C Bera CMOH of the district also told the news of the death of the old man in the media as a rumor that the old man is undergoing treatment at Kalinga Hospital. News was published only after confirmation from the police administration, but KGP News regretted the mistake. Here the village of Belda has been sealed after the Orissa government has declared the patient as Corona positive and the police are providing necessary facilities, many people who have come in contact with the elderly are being sent to Quarantine. 

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