kharagpur 23rd April, In order to curb the spread of COVID-19, Kharagpur Division of South Eastern Railway in association with South Eastern Railway Women's Welfare Organization (SERWWO), Kharagpur Division has started manufacturing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Kits for support of railway doctors, paramedical staff and health care personnel.The PPE Kit includes Face Cover, Eye Shield, NS-95 Mask, Coverall Gown with Hood, Shoe Cover, Gloves etc
This In-House production of PPEs is being done at “Hunar Center for Stitching &Embroidery” under the supervision of South Eastern Railway Women's Welfare Organization (SERWWO) and Mechanical Department of Kharagpur Division.  It has been decided to produce 1000 PPE initially. Till now Kharagpur Division in association with SERWWO has manufactured 225 units of PPE Kit along with shoe covers.
The material used is non-woven polypropylene barrier fabric, which is impermeable to blood and bodily fluids. The PPE design and material are certified from DRDE, Gwalior. After stitching, the PPEs with shoe covers are sealed in plastic bags with markings of size, serial number and date of manufacturing. Social distancing, thermal screening and sanitizing are ensured during production of the PPEs. Regular inspections are also being done to ensure quality.
In addition to above, reusable masks are also being manufactured by SERWWO at “Hunar Centre”, Kharagpur. Women’s Welfare Organization has already manufactured 7000 reusable face masks, out of which 3000 masks have been handed over to the employees of Kharagpur Division. SERWWO is targeting for manufacturing of 30000 reusable face masks. Hand Sanitizers are also being manufactured in Kharagpur Division at Diesel Shed/Kharagpur,   Divisional Railway Hospital/Kharagpur, EMU Car Shed/Santragachi and Electronic Loco Shed/Santragachi. Already, 600 liters of sanitizer have been manufactured In-house till now. we are feeling proud to serve the nation in this crisis, said priya pradhan, president, serwwo kgp divn.

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