Medical Equipments and Medicine of 40 tons transported by kgp rail divn:Aditya

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kharagpur, In the lockdown period South Eastern Railway, Kharagpur Division has handled a total of 190 outgoing and incoming trains in April 2020, said Aditya Chowdhury Sr.DCM cum pro KGP rail divn.
sr. dcm Aditya said Total outward traffic of around 782 tons and incoming traffic in tune of 3665 tons were handled from Shalimar, Howrah, SGTY, Mecheda, Panskura, Kharagpur and Balasore parcel handling points.
Popular outgoing destinations are Bombay , Ahmedabad, Bilaspur, Nagpur, Rourkela, Secunderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum and Palghat.
Popular stations from which we received essential commodities and medicines are  Bombay, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai,Ranchi etc.
Outgoing commodity mainly consisted of medicines and other medical equipment in tune of 35 to 40 tonnes,  vegetables which are 152 tons, betel leaves of 172 tons and Fruits 21 tons and fish around 42 tons, .
In one of the major breakthrough E-Commerce Companies were brought under Railways's ambit with roboust marketing effort Ex Shalimar.
 E-Commerce item in tune of 35 tonnes were send to Bombay from Shalimar. Balance consisted of hard parcels were also booked.
Where as milk in tune of 1251tons, eggs in 758 tons, fish 482 tons, ghee of 30 tons, Medicine and other medical equipments in tune of 215 tons, fruits 157 tons and vegetables in tune of 445 tons was received. The balance 276 tons of hard parcels were handled as incoming traffic during this period.
we r trying our best to serve the people in this panedemic. All efforts were made to maintain the supply chain of essentials and Medicine consisting of PPE Kits , Masks, Sanitisers etc said Aditya.

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