813 units blood collected in lockdown period

Kharagpur, Target directed by WHO is to reach 100% *Voluntary* Blood Donation by 2020, It was only 3 months passed , the country saw the deadliest pandemic of its time - Covid 19. Govt ordered for lockdown in the entire Country. And it was a new phenomenon to all of us said dr s.a najmi, CMS kharagpur rail main  hospital, addressing a blood camp prog org by kvbdo in golebajar durga mandir on world donors day. najmi further added our calendar camps postponed/ cancelled which resulted Crisis in neighbouring blood banks. But as soon as the Govt. orders relaxed from 23rd March/13th May, we worked with double enthusiasm to meet the needs of blood banks. Arranged *(8+21=29)* camps and collected about *(255+558=813)* blood units. (31st March to 31st May) taking all precautions formulated & circulated by Health &  Family Welfare Dept. With the support of local administration and Blood Bank management we succeeded to fight back . Today we honoured each and every organization with a certificate for their timely response . We presented certificates to negative/positive  call donors of 2019.
Today *World Blood Donor Day* was observed with  full dedication & enthusiasm by conducting 2 VBD Camps. No.kvbdo91/20 1. SER BB collected *13 unit(All repeat)*.No. kvbdo92/20.  2. KGP SDH BB collected  *36 units ( female-3, New- nil)*.

*Honourable SDO/ KGP-  Vaibhav Chaudhary & Honourable DRM/KGP Manoranjan Pradhan, Hony.Superintendent KGP SDH Dr Krishnendu Mukherjee, Hony. Chief Consultant (Health) Dr A. Mandal*. Ornamented the guests chairs . kvbdo Secretary Dr Nazmi announced  kvbdo performance record of 2019, *(184 camps collection of 7499 blood units)* which is 💯% voluntary donation.
He expressrd sincere gratitude to all the 184 organisations and their Donors on this special day. Last but not the least our sincere thanks to every Blood Bank teams of paschim Medinipur and Jhargram district for their support.
Dr najmi thanked media for their positive coverage in this occasion .

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