kharagpur, unrelenting in its spread, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the livelihoods of lakhs into a chaotic twister. Daily wagers, footpath vendors, migrant labourers have all had their only
source of income snuffed out by the lockdown.
Though the government is doing its best in tackling the problem, yet some remote parts remain deprived of the help provided by the government. The same stands with the people of Kharagpur. These people are even finding it difficult to feed their families.
In order to solve this, Gopali Youth Welfare Society, a student-run NGO under the guidance of Prof.Damodar Maiti, Prof. DK Maiti, Prof. Bhaskar Bhowmick, collaborated with  Mrs Mausumi Dasgupta, a resident of New Jersey engaged in various philanthropic activities globally and actively participating in various COVID 19 Relief campaigns. A fundraiser was planned with the main ideology of “ONE DONATION. ONE FAMILY.ONE MONTH.”
For this we pitched the professors of IIT Kharagpur and Mrs Mousumi Dasgupta started a fundraiser in the US. We raised donations through a fundraiser from our Facebook page as well
Each kit worth Rs.1650 included 25 kg Rice, 3 kg Dal, 2 litre Oil, 6 kg potato, 5 kg onion, 400g biscuits, 1.2 kg Soya beans, 1 kg salt, a crate of egg (30 count) and 2 pieces of soaps.
Through the fundraisers and the collection from the professors of IIT, we have successfully raised an amount for 450 food kits.
The beneficiaries' families are from the nearby village of IIT Kharagpur. Many families of daily wage workers, BPL families, APL families, old aged and disabled persons got these food kits.
Distribution happened in two phases.
In the first phase 225 food kits were distributed. Some were distributed to the doors of the beneficiaries while some were distributed at the GYWS office in Gopali. We received all the ration and other quantities from Kolkata, where Mr Kaushik Ghosh along with his friends purchased, packed and transported the kits to Kharagpur.
Villages covered in 1st phase
Gopali, Bhetia, Heriatara gram panchayats
Another 225 food kits were distributed in the villages listed below under phase 2.
Villages covered in 2nd phase
Paljhari, Rangametia, Benapur, Kashijora, Tangasole, Purbo Gopali, Poriapara, Adharkuli, Shakpara, Khelar.
The distribution happened in these villages itself while some were distributed at the school JVM from where people were asked to collect the food kits.
To ensure that the help is provided to the right section and to prepare the list to beneficiaries, we conducted proper surveys with the help of local volunteers and had made NOC signed from the pradhans of the gram panchayats.

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