Rituals of Symbolic Rathyatra of Mahaprabhu started at Jagannath mandir temple Kharagpur

 Kharagpur, keeping in covid19 pandemic Sri Jagannath Mandir temple kharagpur is not organizing Rath Yatra traditionally, Pulling of Rathas of deities is not occurring this year All other rituals including pahandi bije,  chera pahanra,  pulling of rath is being performed this morning outsider is not allowed in this period of rituals. Pratah darshan of Mahaprabhu is available up to 10.00hrs obeying social distance and guidelines issued by central and state govt. Chera pahanra is being perfomed by Sr. Divisional Manager,  LIC. Sri Debkanta  Padhi. After cherapahanra, Rath will be placed outside of temple for darshan  maintaining social distance and other guidrliness. Both type prasad (dry & wet) is not being sold this year. Prasad sevan of devotees and volunteers will not be done. S. C. Mohanty,  Asst. Secy,  Sri jagannath Mandir, Kharagpur requested all devotees through media to maintain social distance and other instruction by the volunteers present for smooth darshan of everybody. Bahuda yatra will performed on1st July 2020 inside the temple premises.

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