Shivsena West Bengal State Vice President resigned from party Working as Rastriya Hindu Sena volunteer, Ujjawal showed dissatisfaction with alliance govt of Maharashtra.

Kharagpur, Dr Ujjwal kumar Ghatak, Shivsena West Bengal State Vice President resigned from the party.  Dr Ghatak is happy on accepting his resignation by uddhav Thakre shivsena supremo. He said that he was a very good fans of ShivSena founder Shri Balasaheb Thackrey ji since his military life,  as Balasaheb Thackrey ji always had given an agreesive statement against islamic terrorisms and Pakistan. Dr Ghatak felt that every Hindustani and all countries of world today suffering from Islamic Terrorism, and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and NDA Govt is the most successful central Govt after Independence to deal with Pakistan and islamic terrorisms. Hence when Shivsena left NDA, since then Dr Ghatak was unhappy in party. on 16 Apr 20 when palghar incident happened where three Hindus include two innocent Hindu Monks was lynched and murderd, infront of inactioned police, Dr Ghatak decided to resign from the party. Dr Ghatak said that presently the ideology of ShivSena got murdered.
Dr ujjawal Ghatak,  a Professor of Andhra University for Defence Studies, and an Ex-servicemen & Kargil war veteran had participated loksabha election of 2019 from Ghaataal parliamentary constituency as Shivsena party candidate. Although Dr Ghatak couldn't get much vote share from Ghatal Lok Sabha, but he said he was dedicated to serve his native place which is Shyamsundar village which is very near to Birsingha gram the Birthplace of Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar.
Presently Dr Ujjwal kumar Ghatak is serving through Rastriya Hindu Sena, which is a non Political organisation and also he continuing with his service through RSS since 2013. On 14 May 20 Dr Ujjwal kumar Ghatak wrote a letter to Governor of West Bengal regarding issues of migrant labourers of West Bengal and he with his team have taken active role to serve people.

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