SERMC will donate plasma if needs to fight corona: Rakesh, sermc branch-I, Workshop, Kharagpur organised voluntary blood donation camp

zkharagpur, SERMC, Branch-I, Workshop, Kharagpur  voluntary blood donation camp on 11th July'2020. CWM, WS S K Chowdhry, WM, WS A Raja, Sr.AFA, WS, CMS, KGP Dr.Nazmi and other Railway officials attended the camp. CWM, WS said that SERMC has the credit of many social services. Dr. Nazmi said that blood donation camp during this covid-19 period was a special gift for society. Rakesh Kumar Singh Coordinator/WS said that this was the third voluntary blood donation camp by SERMC Workshop in this year. First camp was organised by Stores Branch-IV, second by Wagon shop Branch-V. He also said that this camp is also one of the panchsheel programs of SERMC. Sri. Rakesh also promised Dr. Nazmi and CWM that we will lend our helping hands for plasma donation if required for fighting corona virus Rakesh Kumar Singh, , Arnab Mukherjee, Dy.Coordinator/WS,  Surendra Kumar, Secretary, Br-IV, Eswar Rao Secretary, Br-III, Sekhar, Secretary, Br-I, Sujoy Kumar Bose, Secretary, Br-V, Shiva Murty, Secretary, Br-II,  office bearers of Branch-I   and other active SERMC cadre were present during the program. .

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