kharagpur sex workers will join janta curfew, will celebrate holiday, no awareness prog by administration in red light area


              report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, On the call of Prime Minister Modi, female sex workers of Kharagpur will also join the public curfew and will celebrate the holiday on Sunday, however, the administration has not yet taken the initiative to make sex workers aware about Corona. Maya Patro, head of the Durbar Mahila Samiti, Kharagpur told to kgpnews that she came to know about Corona by watching it on TV. she say that no one from the administration came to give information about the corona nor from any political and social institutions. It is to be known that there are about 35 sex workers in red light area located in the puratan bajar , out of which about 15 girls living in the vicinity went to their homes after hearing about Corona. Due to Corona, the number of customers has come down significantly and new girls are not being allowed to come to prohibited nishiddhpally. on questioning about awareness among sex workers, the district’s chief medical officer health  Girish Chandra Bera says that our first priority is to identify people who came from abroad & corona suspicios he told that corona was not a sex transmitted disease. Kharagpur town TMC President Rabi Shankar Pandey also supported Modi’s public curfew, calling it ‘s scientific and said that it would be difficult to control if the disease reached the third stage. It is noted that an awareness campaign was conducted in the Red Light area of ​​the state’s Shilpanchal about the corona, but Medinipur district administration remained indifferent Hope girls will fight & win against corona.


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