Raid in potato onion godowns of golebajar Kharagpur, 7 businessman arrest


report: Raghunath sahu
Kharagpur: seven businessmen arrested today for allegedly hoarding Potatoes & onions in godowns of Kharagpur. on Saturday, the police launched araid against potato, onion traders in Golbazar and kharida area and seven businessman were arrested, SDPO Kharagpur Sukmal Kanti Das told to kgp news that despite being Rs 13 per kg potatoes in wholesale rate retail Traders were were sold potatoes for Rs 20-25 a kg &onion sold in 30-35 per kg Javed Ahmad Khan, general secretary of Kharagpur Potato Union, said that onions were Rs 15 to 24 a kg.


Raja  Mukherjee IC,Kharagpur town police station said arrest persons were released on bail. Due to  janta curfew on Sunday, there was a huge crowd of buyers including Gatebazar, Golbazar and Khaida Bazar so some shopkeepers wanted to take advantage of it.


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