suspected corona patient fleeing create chaos in Kharagpur station



                  report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, On hearing of the suspended corona patient going from Bangalore to Assam, the passengers of the guwahati exp started hurling from the train in a hurry, which caused an atmosphere of chaos, although after investigation of the train, there was no clue of the patient. It may be known that someone had forwarded a photo of the young man to the RPF and GRP that he is a corona patient and is going to his home from Bangalore. Railway administration came into action after getting the photo and message. with Health Department  RPF and GRP  checked the passengers when guwahati bound banglore – guwahati passenger reached kgp station at pf no 6 on friday noon, there was panic among the people due to the possibility of being corona patient. However, there was no detection of the alleged patient.

In this regard, the DSC of RPF vivekananda told to kgpnews that the youth’s  phone switch from Vijayawada,  youth was in contact with the corona patient, so it is feared that he may have corona, but the passengers were also shown the photo but no one could give any clue. It is feared that he may have disassociated from the train somewhere.Rpf kgp post oc dinesh kr singh we got the name & photo of the suspected patient but didnot get his address so we couldn’t say where the passenger were going and finally after half an hour’s investigation, the train was left towards howrah he denied the chaos.


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