CRPF 50th Battalion fed food to the poor


Kharagpur Around 1500 people from three villages, including Padiha, Rautara, a tribal dominated district of Jhargram, were fed. On this occasion, Bajrang Lal Commandant said that the people of this country are following the lockdown well in difficult times, he said that till the lockdown, the poor section of humanity will be helped even further. On this occasion, S. Basu, second-in-command, T.P. Baghel, Deputy Commandant and other public representatives were present here.


On the eve of Shabe Barat in Panchbadia on behalf of Kharagpur town police station, the ration was distributed to 120 poor families in collaboration with Tata Metallics. Additional SP Kazi Shamsuddin Shams, SDPO Sukmal Kanti Das and Kharagpur city police station in-charge Rajaa Makherjee were present on the occasion

While the food was distributed to 300 poor from Kharagpur Solapur Mata temple, the temple committee said that the food was distributed on the third day after the start of the lockdown, which will continue.


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