Daspur youth’s father found Corona positive, sent to Kolkata East and West Medinipur got a total of 6 corona positive


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, The father of Corona infected youth of Daspur found to be Corona positive, total 6 peiople found corona positive in east&west medinipur. Total 6 members of corona infected youth of Nizampur of Daspur police station of West Medinipur, were taken to Quarantine at Sarbdiha Health Center and in the report, the father was also found positive. He Was taken to Beleghata Hospital in Kolkata for treatment. It is to be known that after coming from Mumbai, the young man was in touch with family members and went to sell vegetables in the nearby Sonamoi market with his father. After the incident, the entire village was sealed by the police, now the market is also being sanitized to free the infection and is asking people not to get scared and get a health check.  total 6 corona positive patients have been found in e& w Medinipur 2 of them in west medinipur district. A new corona positive patient found resident of Balluk Bazar, Tamluk. he has been admitted to Apollo, Kolkata. Tamluk district administration had sent to quarantine 17 peoople & admitted to isolation Ward tamluk. samples are sent to Kolkata for investigation.


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