report by raghunath sahu
 Kharagpur,  South Eastern Railway, considering the gravity of the situation for uninterrupted supply of essential commodities to different places in the country during nationwide lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, has already run 236 trips of Parcel Express Trains from 2nd April to 20th April, 2020. During this period, South Eastern Railway has transported 2,710 tonnes of commodities containing 78361 numbers of packages to different places in the country. The essential items which were unloaded and loaded in the originating/terminating and at the intermediate stoppages were Medicines, Medical Equipments like PPEs, Masks & Sanitizers, Vegetables, Fish, Eggs, Grocery Items, Fruits, Flowers, Betel leaves, cotton goods, postal letters, mosquito curtains and many other hard & soft parcels for regular need.


KGP Division had set up perishable cell and queries were handled through 138, a facility created in Rail madad said Aditya kr chowdhry, sr. dcm kgp divn.
The plan of running Parcel Express trains received an overwhelming response from the traders, manufacturers, e-commerce companies and leaseholders to book their commodities by the Parcel Express Trains.  This has been feasible only because of proper and effective planning taken by South Eastern Railway. Regular interaction with different Chambers of Commerce, direct contact with the traders to brief them about running of parcel express trains towards different parts of the country, regular meetings with the representatives of respective State Governments are the major factors to boost up the attitude of the traders to carry their commodities through railways.
South Eastern Railway and its workforce is committed to fulfill the social responsibilities in this crisis moment.


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