65 stranded labourers rescued in kgp- balasore route rly track Most of the Labourers were returning to Bengal from south india


                 raghunath prasad sahu
Kharagpur, several migrant labours moving on and along side railway tracks were detected, removed safely from Tracks and counseled by RPF and other railway staffs. on sat & Sunday at around 11.05 HRS, about 14 number of migrant labours were safely removed from the railway tracks near Jaleswar. A sprecaution, OHE was disconnected from both Lines and 05 trains were detained in Jaleswar-Belda section. Traffic resumed with restricted speed limits after clearing of section said aditya choudhury sr dcm, kgp divn. Aditya further adeded  at around13.55HRS, 24 number of stranded migrant labours were detected near Haldipada station entrance and were counseled & served with biscuit, mixtures, dried Rice and water at Haldipada station.


They were persuaded not to walk on railway tracks as accident might occurs. Train detained for about 50 min sat HIP station and Departed after section cleared. At around 20.30HRS, about 14 numbers of migrant labours were detected and removed safely from the railway tracks by RPF while moving on railway tracks in SORO-Markando section. OHE was suspended in both UP&DN lines.07 numbers of trains detained in the section.Traffic resumed with restricted speed limits after clearing of section.
On Sunday at around 08.15hrs, 5migrant labours detected waking over Up line near LC gate no.108 betweenSFO-Markando block section.OHE disconnected and train movement stopped. They were safely removed from the railway tracks. After clearance of track train movement started. About 45minutes train movement was blocked.At 10.15hrs 8 migrants labours were detected at 227/27km between Balasore-Haldipada,Track was suspended and OHE was disconnected. They were safely removed fromt racks.And after getting track clearance, train movement started at 11.05hrs. The stranded migrant labours were moving towards west bengal.

In current situation after Aurangabad incident South Eastern Railway has geared up it machinery even at the grass route level. Ser zonal pr official said an advisory has been issued to the concerned officials. It has been ensured that the cases of trespassing are to be reported from every corner. Adequate staff and security persons over the track are being arranged. All the Loco Pilots have been advised to keep a sharp look out for trespassers on the track and blow horn frequently and take necessary action as and when required.  RPF and Engineering staff, who are on patrolling duty, have also been advised to prevent such type of trespassing on track and report to the higher officials immediately.  Station Masters have been directed to take appropriate action and inform the local administration about the incident immediately for necessary assistance in this respect.


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