kharagpur divn has returned to total normalcy:DRM, extensive damage wad done by AMPHAN in digha stn & nearby areas


               raghunath prasad sahu
Kharagpur, Manoranjan pradhan, DRM kgp divn spoke to media on saturday evening through press release. DRM pradhan claimed kharagpur division has returned to total normalcy within shortest possible time,despite extensive damage because of AMPHAN cyclone. he said it has been possible because of total effort and hard work by the divisional work force and officers.


on questioning on financial loss by kgpnews, he replied, No loss of damage in financial value has yet been estimated by railways during AMPHAN  but  the damage has soon be repaired / rectified as early as possible. DRM pradhan congratulated his teammates & employees engagged in repairing work.

It is learnt that due to supercyclone digha rly station & surrounding areas were huge damage. Due to AMPHAN effect a login problem was occured in prs system in some places of divn including kgp station on friday, later problem was solved by railways.


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