SERWWO planed to provide dry food & relief materials to more than 11000 passengers, We have already served in Kharagpur & Balasore stn: Priya


                 raghunath prasad sahu
Kharagpur, SERWWO have planed to provide packets of dry food items and utility relief materials to more than 11000 passengers of shramik special trains. We have already served in Kharagpur & Balasore station said Priya Pradhan, President SERWWO/KGP. Priya said as being a mother & Woman the members of serwwo feel the pain of labourer woman & their children, they were obiliged to serve the needy labourers in this panedemic.   Under the able guidance of Rita Mohanty, President/ SERWWO/GRC we have started providing a pack of daily need items, including dry food items to the migrant workers arriving by shramik special trains from other states. This will provide them with a little relief, on their arrival. on Sunday at Balasore, total 905 nos. of food packets were distributed among the passengers of train no. 07089, shramik express came from Hyderabad to Balasore.


She further added the joint program initiated by SERWWO/HQ along with divisional SERWWO started  at BLS. Earlier,752packets were distributed at Kharagpur,to passengers of two trains,arrived on weekend. In-order to help the migrant workers stranded in different parts of the country, Indian Railways is running special Shramik express trains daily all over India. KGP division is also handling these trains on a daily basis.


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