Notorious dacoits sent to 7 days police custody, Saifullah was accused in nerasole jungle, gwaltore dacoity case


                        raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Saifullaha Dalal (38)  a notorious criminal of  Purba Harinasuli vill of Garhbeta was sent to  7 days police custody by ACJM, garhbeta court. Gwaltore  Police arrested  saifullah from sandhipur area on Tuesday night. Police said dalal alongwith his other associates robbed a pickup van driver of Rs 55,000/- by intercepting the pickup van at Nerasole jungle 3 months ago.  Police was registered a case in goaltore ps on 2/3/20 U/S 392. Saifullaha Dalal was produced before ld ACJM Garbeta court on wednesday and has been remanded in police custody for 7 days.police source said we r hoping robbery case will be solved very soon.


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