People enjoyed the solar eclipse in kharagpur


KHARAGPUR, people witnessed the beauty of the first rare cosmic event partial eclipse of the year – in the midst of a worldwide transition situation. The Breakthrough Science Society appealed to see the beauty of this eclipse with a superstition-free mind and to know the scientific truth. In West Midnapore district, observation camps were conducted at 25 places including Dantan, Belda, Narayangarh, Sabang, Pingla, Narajol, Chandrakona Town, Ghatal, Kharagpur and Medinipur. Attendance at these camps was between 8 and 10 people, a kind of domestic camp.


Tanmoy kr maity said meals were arranged in these camps to get rid of the prejudices that the society has in mind about food intake during the meal. The organization have all observed this eclipse in their residences using appropriate quality complete (lSO 12312.2) sun filters and the students have made needle cameras in response to the organization’s request. Simultaneously the online seminar was held, the attendance of the participants in this seminar was eye-catching. However cloudy weather & rain fainted the people’s interest on eclipse for a while.


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