Up-gradation of ICF rakes as Utkrisht         Rakes by Kharagpur Workshop


Kharagpur, kharagpur Workshop is the largest integrated workshop in Indian Railways. It has evolved and grown over the years to become the largest maintenance Workshop of the country. Kharagpur Workshop mainly deals with all types of Rolling Stock viz. Coaches, EMU, DEMU,  Wagons , all kind of Locomotives, Diesel Cranes, Tower Wagons etc. The Workshop has undertaken manufacturing of a large number of Rolling Stock Components.
Kharagpur Workshop has geared itself up for upgrading the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) rakes as UTKRISHT RAKES.
Kharagpur workshop has turned out first fully refurbished ICF rake and handed over to division. The rake is branded as first Utkrisht-R rake of Indian Railways where R stands for refurbished.The coaches have completely new floor, roof, panels, berths and all the amenity fittings.All toilets are upgraded with epoxy flooring, health faucet, dustbins etc.  All coaches are provided with energy efficient LED lights and Braille Signage to assist the visually challenged. All coaches have bio-toilet and ventury type air circulation system. Coaches are painted with Utkrisht colour scheme on the exterior.
Kharagpur workshop has turned out 2nd generation Utkrisht rake and branded it as Utkrisht 2.0. With existing amenities of Utkrisht Coach like new floor, new berth, NAFTC roof, braille signage, the Utkrisht 2.0 is having extra features like interior panelling with DGFRP sheets, USB charging ports, Modular toilets , auto janitor, LED lightings, health faucet, stainless steel dustbins, epoxy flooring, vinyl wrapping on the toilet walls, bio-toilet, vinyl wrapped Utkrisht colour scheme on the exterior.

       Each and every ICF coach turned out from Kharagpur Workshop is being upgraded to Utkrisht qualities and standards. Every overhauled coach now has Utkrisht color scheme on exterior, vinyl wrapping at the corridor and toilet walls, stainless steel chequered plate, upgraded toilets with epoxy flooring, health faucet, 2 way angle cock, larger stainless steel dustbins etc. It has Braille Signage, LED lights and other essential features. This is just another strive in the long journey for excellence that the workshop has set out for.
Presently 16 rakes have been upgraded as Utkrisht rakes. This apart, 240 coaches have also been upgraded to Utkrisht coaches under Project Utkrisht. South Eastern Railway trains like Howrah- Yeswantpur Duronto Express, Howrah- Vasco-da-Gama Amravathi Express and Shalimar- Patna Duronto Express have been operated with Utkrisht rake. The trains of SER will run with these upgraded rakes in the near future.
In order to improve the condition of ICF designed coaches attached to Mail/Express trains , the up-gradation to Utkrisht Rake has been taken up for improvement of train services with modern amenities. With this rake up-gradationstep, the passengers travelling in trains can avail the upgraded facilities for better and pleasant travel experience.


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