Labourer murdered by Colleague on wage distribution


                raghunath prasad sahu
Kharagpur, Labourer murdered by  Colleague labourer on wage distribution in kgp local ps area. Police recovered a dead body on Saturday noon after receiving information that one unknown dead body is found at Samudrapur canal. Police recovered the dead body and was identified as Hemanta  Kotal(35 yr), of munibpur under Kgp Local PS. Kotal had Injury marks on his head, chick and thigh. Body was little swelled & decomposed. Four suspected persons were detained & interrogated by police. Jhapa Digar admitted that he along with Mihir Bhakta both of same vill-Munibpur assaulted the deceased with a stick and threw him on a canal. The deceased and the accused persons were scavengers. Over the issue of distribution of their wages, a hot altercation took place yesterday noon. Hemanta was engaged in sanitation work like cleaning of septic tank etc.  The accused persons assaulted the deceased with a stick and threw him on a canal where the dead body drowned. Today at around 12.00 hrs, the body floated and local people noticed it and informed PS. Two persons arrested. police sent dead body to Kgp SD Hospital for PM after that body was handed over to his family for creamation. Md asif sunny, OC of kgp l ps said  we recovered a dead body from canal, investigation is going on very soon we will solve the matter because  accused confessed his guilty, a case has been registered under section 302/201/34 under IPC Act.  Situation at that area is peaceful & under control.


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