Rath yatra utsav conclded with niladribije, Prayed lord jagannath will eradicate pandemic, People shown Laxmi Narayana’s kali form


                 raghunath prasad sahu
Kharagpur, After Bahuda Yatra  (Return from Gundicha mandir to main temple )  people darshan the three deities in SUNABES  (with golden ornament).on third day of bahuda yatra the three deities  returned to main temple from Rath on friday night. Balabhadra and devi Subhadra returned  smoothly to main temple, but when Lord Jagannath was returning  to main temple his wife Devi LAXMI  objected jagannath to entry, this form of  LAXMI known as Laxmi NARAYANA’S KALI.


Lord Jagannath said sorry to Laxmi after that laxmi permitted jagannath to enter into temple. The three deities sudarshan, balbhadra & subhadra were happy after returning to main temple. That rituals is called NILADRIBIJE. Rath utsav completed with niladribije with pray that world will be free from covid-19 pandemic & coming year rath yatra will be celebrated tradionally, with full swing.


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