Bangladeshi woman arrested from Bhawanipur sent to 5 days police custody, accused married to a railway employee and living illegally in kharagpur, Bangladeshi passport of the woman invalid since 18, She has also got the Indian passport showing the voter card, Aadhaar, PAN card, school certificate and other Indian documents


             ✍  raghunath prasad sahu
Kharagpur A Bangladeshi woman, arrested from Bhawanipur on charges of forgery, was sent to five days police custody after being produced in Kharagpur acjm court by kgp t ps on wednesday. Accuded Married railway employee  and living here illegally, they both have one child also. In 2018, the Bangladeshi passport of the woman has become invalid. woman has also got an Indian passport showing Aadhaar, PAN card, school certificate and other documents of india. According to the information, a woman named Julie Das, a permanent resident of Bangladesh, called herself an Indian and married to  Debashish Das (Indian citizen), a resident of North Bhawanipur, debalpur, ward no 6  and living in Kharagpur, her Bangladeshi passport has been canceled on 16 July 18. She had also obtained Indian passport from Kolkata Passport Office, hiding her own identity with other fake documents including voter card Aadhaar, PAN, school certificate and being a Bangladeshi citizen. Juli and her mother Jyotsna Rani De’s Bangladeshi passport was canceled on 16 July 18. When the Regional Passport Office of Kolkata re-verified about Julie’s nationality, it was found out that she is a Bangladeshi citizen, after which passport officials sent a complaint to the DIB of West Medinipur in August 19. On 3 January 20 from the DIB department a complaint was lodged in kgp T PS , Julie Das arrested and prodced in Kharagpur acjm court on Wednesday judge sent her to police custody for five days. Kharagpur town PS in-charge Raja Mukherjee said that  Bangladeshi ladies married a railway employee hiding her identity. A case has been registered against Julie under  sections 465, 467,468, 471, 472, 201, 406, 420, 34, 14 Foreigners Act of the IPC and 12 Passport Act 1967.


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