Steps taken by Indian Railways to bring ease in transportation through Rail


kharagpur, Average speed of freight trains almost doubled as compared to last year
Concessions and discounts granted:
2. Busy Season Surcharge (@15%) withdrawn from 1st October 2019
3. Long-Lead Concession of 15% to 20% granted to coal, iron-ore, and finished steel
4. Short-Lead Concession of 10% to 50% granted to all traffic, except coal and iron-ore
5. Terminal Access Charge Concession (50%) granted at Group-III terminals
6. Container and Automobile traffic exempted form payment of Stabling Charges till 31st October
7. 5% and 25% discount on Haulage Charges to loaded and empty Containers respectively
8. Concession to bulk/loose Fly-ash and Industrial Salt
Steps to decrease congestion at terminals:
9. No restrictions on booking of freight to any of the goods-sheds or terminals
10. Alternate Goods-shed Policy launched to decongest busy goods-sheds (no Terminal Charges levied)
11. Private Freight Terminal and Private Siding policies liberalized
12. No limit on Co-users in Private Sidings
Steps to increase ease-of-doing-business with Railways:

13. Free-time relaxation granted to covered wagons
14. Distance permitted for mini-rakes increased from 400 kms to 1,500 kms, and 5% surcharge waived-off

Lower limit relaxed to 10 wagons to target piecemeal traffic in Traditional Empty Flow Direction
16. Weighment from road-weighbridges accepted for granite traffic
17. Export traffic to Bangladesh permitted in Parcel and Containers
18. Two-point unloading permitted for automobile traffic
Steps to attract smaller than train-load traffic:
19. Vyapar-mala trains (garland trains) introduced to attract less than rake-load traffic
20. Time-tabled parcel special trains introduced on 20 routes
21. Pilot Special time-tabled Kisan Rail launched between Devlali (Nashik, Maharashtra) and Danapur (Patna, Bihar), to transport perishables and farm-produce
22. Minimum composition of Indented Parcel trains reduced to 15 Parcel Vans from earlier 20 Parcel vans (reduced to 10 parcel vans for perishable traffic)
Creation of Business Development Units:
Business Development Units (BDU) have been formed at all Divisional, Zonal and Railway Board level. Interested parties may contact the Nodal Officer of BDU in their area to get a one-stop solution for their transportation needs. (Nodal Officers:- Chief Freight Transportation Managers for the Zonal BDU, and Senior Divisional Operations Managers for the Divisional BDU)



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