36 units blood colleced in Milan Sangha Club, jhapatapur camp


iKharagpu, MILAN SANGHA CLUB, Jhapetapur, Kharagpur organised a Voluntary Blood Donation Camp at Jhapetapur Basanti Mandir in memory of late Binoy Das Choudhury & Late Hasi Rani Das Choudhury, under the initiative of  Biplab Das Choudhury & Sri Bibekananda Das Choudhury where KGP Sub Divl.


Hospital Blood Bank collected total 36 units blood under the supervision of Kharagpur Voluntary Blood Donors Association. Dr S A Nazmi, erstwhile CMS/S E Railway/KGP,  Dr S K Bera,  CMS/S E Rly/KGP were the esteemed guest of the occasion. 


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