Cong claims 60 Tmc cadre joins party, Tmc refutes, cong Pay homage to pranab & somen


Kharagpur, on Sunday night Ward no-31 Bara  Ayma’s approx 50 cadres of TMC & others party joined  Congress in presence of District president Congress Mr.Soumen khan. They joined in a prog org by cong at 11 in old malancha. District Working president Congress  Debashish Ghosh claimed all the cadres were from tmc, Bara Ayma. Tmc leader & administrative board member of kharagpur municipality Jhunna Yadav refuted the cong claim. He said  rickky & few other cadre had joined most of them were not from his ward & party so there was nothing to worry. Rickky kr said earlier we were in tmc  but in current situation we opted cong so we joined the cong & it was my democratic rights.


In this occasion Ex-Councillor Rita Sharma, ex coun. Aparna Ghosh, District Secretary Amar Nath Chaterjee, District Minority Chairman MD. Ishaque, Choton Sen, Ex-Councillor Tapan Bose, Alokesh Mahapatra, Ujjal Mukherjee,Aritra Dey,Youth Congress president Amit Sharma, Ex-Councillor Sri Kalipada Nayak, Ex-Councillor Smt.Parmita Ghosh,Sumit Sharma and other party Workers of Ward no-11 were present. Leaders pay homage to Late Pranab Mukherjee and Lt.Somen Mitra.


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