online workshop on student centeric teaching will start on teachers day, 75 teachers from 15 pry school will participate


kharagpur, Gopali Youth Welfare Society (GYWS) is a student-run government registered non-governmental organization run by the students of IIT Kharagpur, under the guidance of some of its professors. Their flagship initiative, Jagriti Vidya Mandir (JVM), an English medium school, provides free of cost education to underprivileged kids of nearby areas. LiGHT is the expansion initiative of GYWS set up with an aim to build student run centres and provide them with a platform to work for the weaker section of society. Reform and Innovate School Education (RISE) is an initiative started by GYWS last year with an aim to reform our education system by shifting it towards an organic learning approach and ensuring holistic development of every child.
Ek Tara is a registered trust located in Kolkata. Under the Education programme, Ek Tara runs projects on Early Learning, Primary and Middle School as well as School Support initiatives through which children are enrolled in high schools around the city and are completely sponsored and supported by Ek Tara. Ek Tara has successfully also partnered with local Ngo schools in the past to share knowledge on robust early learning modules which ensure that children right from the beginning have a strong foundation which will enable them to stay in school and cope academically.
The pandemic has resulted in declining participation by students in online classes and teachers are facing difficulties implementing the traditional teaching methodologies in online medium. Also, the New Education Policy has laid explicit focus on transforming methods to ensure participative and experiential learning. Therefore, under the RISE project, GYWS has collaborated with Ek Tara to conduct an online workshop for teachers on the topics of student centric learning methodologies as it is the need of the hour. In this workshop, the teachers will be guided on the topics student centric learning, blended learning and corrective behavior as well as assisted in conducting activities with children remotely on topics of the regular syllabus as well as on overall development of the students including motor skills and social and emotional development.
75 teachers from 15 different schools spread across the cities of Chennai, Pallakad, Raipur, Wardha, Gwalior, Samvedana and Kharagpur have enrolled for the workshop. Majority of the teachers are from government schools in these cities, who do not have access to adequate resources.  The workshop will be launched on 5th September, Teacher’s day as a tribute to the relentless contribution of the teachers in these difficult times.



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