Swaraj India and Joy Kisan Andolan make a number of demands in the interest of rural farmers and labourers


 kharagpur, A delegation from Swaraj India and Joy Kisan Andolan, Jhargram district met the BDO of Gopiballavpur 1 block today and presented a 26-point demand certificate in the interest of the farmers and laborers of the area.  The delegation included Benjamin Tudu, convener of Swaraj India Gopiballavpur 1 block, Bardu Mandi and Ashok Mahata from Joy Kisan Andolan.
 They said many of the problems facing farmers, laborers and tribals in the region have been going on for a long time.  On top of this, the misery has increased due to the covid superficiality.  Therefore, they are appealing to the administration to take immediate positive steps to alleviate the suffering of the people.  They also said that if positive steps are not taken by the government, Swaraj India and Joy Kisan movement will be forced to join the movement with the people.

 Claims submitted:
 1) One hundred days work must be given to all job card customers.
 2) Adults who have not yet got a job card but are able to work will have to work with a job card.
 3) The government has to take responsibility to guarantee the profitable price of the farmer’s crop.  We have to make sure to buy crops from real farmers by camping in villages at one and a half times the cost of production.
 4) To take necessary measures for the contract farmers to get compensation.
 5) All farmers have to make arrangements for the release of all types of agricultural loans.
 6) Lockdown and Ampan storm affected farmers should be given appropriate compensation.  Farmers will have to pay lockdown compensation of Tk 25,000 in their accounts.  Share and contract farmers need to ensure that they get all kinds of government benefits.
 6) The rights of tribals and forest dwellers should be ensured by implementing the forest rights law.
 6) In this state, every farmer has to pay Tk 6,000 for PM Kisan project and Tk 5,000 for Krishak Budhu project.
 9) Agricultural laborers and rural poor will have to pay compensation of 10 thousand rupees on the job card.
 10) The work of job security project should be introduced in all villages.  Agriculture should be included in this project.  You have to work for 200 days and pay 600 rupees.
 11) Corona period electricity bill must be waived.
 12) No obstacle can be given to pick willow leaves in the forest.
 13. Compensation for demolition of houses including crop loss by elephants should be paid quickly.
 14. Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe camps should be set up in villages and certificates should be issued on an urgent basis.
 15. Those who have not yet received a digital ration card must immediately give a digital ration card.
 16) Gopiballavpur – 1 block all the cooperatives have to be reactivated.
 16) Strict action should be taken against illegal sand mining, overloading and overlooking.
 16. Irrigation system should be improved in the interest of all the farmers of this block.
 19. Arrangements should be made to provide fertilizer seeds at affordable prices along with all equipments used in agriculture.
 20) Arrangements should be made to buy paddy from farmers in cash.
 21. Arrangements should be made for crop insurance for all farmers.
 22) Arrangements should be made to pay 10 thousand rupees to each expatriate worker.
 23. Appropriate steps should be taken at the block level to improve corona and rural treatment.
 24. All leased lands of the indigenous community should be recorded immediately.
 25) B.P.L.  Not listed, but people living below the poverty line should be included in the housing scheme.
 26) Kisan Mandi should be made in this block immediately.
 26) All farmers should be given KCC facility.
 26. Farmers market must be created.


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