police conducts meeting with bank managers & petrol pump dealers to tackle dacoity, police feels need of collective, preventive measures


kharagpur, To tackle dacoity in petrol pump, bank & ATM Police is taking intiative & In this order kgp town ps arrange meeting  with Bank Managers & petrol pump owners. on saturday meeting as many as 29 Branches of different banks out of total 47 Bank within KGP(T) PS area joined the meeting. After meeting with police more or less a consensus made precautionary & preventive measure to be taken both from the bank side as well as police side for prevention of crime on bank & on remittance Cash. Raja Mukherjee, I/C Kharagpur (Town) PS requested all the managers of Bank Branches to follow the instructions suggestedby police.


police suggested managers to send list of all the employee of the bank with detailed particulars of their identity and rank inclusive of those of the Class IV Employee, sweepers, Driver of the bank, Cash Van, name & vehicle No. of private vehicle carrying cash detailed identity of the security personnel both at the bank in cash van escorting cash during remittance from bank to bank and bank to ATM counters. To keep KGP(T) PS informed of movement of cash Van/ transit of Cash by hire vehicle well in advance by sealed cover so as to extend police coverage during such remittance. Briefed the security personnel as well as class IV employees to remain extreme vigilant. Whenever any two wheeler i.e. M/Cycle carrying more than one pillion rider visiting bank parking M/Cycle in the vicinity of bank with one on the seat of M/Cycle as frequently such riders of the M/Cycle adopt such modus operandi during communication of bank robbery and such employee are mostly local and attached to the bank years together most of the bank customers are known to then at least by face of not by name and this will be carrying immense value in prevention of crime in the bank.

To remain extremely alert just at the opening of the bank when sweeper sweeps the bank regularly as criminals in most of the case take this opportunity to commit crime. Similarly lunch hour is also vulnerable. To remain extremely alert & vigilant over movement of any stranger outside & inside the bank during loading & unloading cash to and from the Vault.
To watch the Armed security personnel of and on and ensure their alertness as their slightest reluctance may result in commission of crime.
To ensure that siren of the bank is in order and the switch point of the siren should be kept more than one point nearer adjacent to responsible bank officer so that in case of eventuality siren can be use to alert all as well as to draw the attention of patrolling police personnel.
To maintain a register on which the mobile on duty police personnel will put their signature mentioning date & time of visiting the bank.
To ensure that CCTV camera inside the bank, near the cash volt, near the cashier/ manager as well as near the entrance and the coverage of the outer frontal periphery of the bank so as to get movement of all customers/ other outsider/ criminals / suspects.To keep the DVR in safe place,
In case of test of the siren prior intimation to the PS be given. To display the mobile No/Tel. No of police control room/P.S. be kept displayed at the conspicuous places of the bank to facilitate customers and others to intimate police in case of eventuality/ exceegency.. To ensure proper functioning CCTV Camera as all ATM Counters. To ensure that entry door of the each of the counter be equipped with card purchasing system.To ensure that none of the users of the ATM entries the ATM Counter/Room using mask/ Helmet and where there is no guard such directives should be displayed both in Bengali/English/ Hindi at the outer of the ATM Counter. The entrance collapsible gate should be properly enchanged with a smaller space for single entry. The meeting was presided over by the SDPO Kharagpur Raja sarkar who was pleased to approved in impression issued above and requested all the bank manager to follow the instruction rigidly in the interest of all concerned for safety & security of the bank/cash and bank employees.

Subir majhi oc kgp local said we have already conducted a meeting with bank managers yesterday & meeting withbank magerswill be held soon. subir said petrol pump daciity in  NH 60 will be solved soon. Mahavir petrol pump owner Bimal kr jain said most of pump dealers attended the meeting conducted by kgp t ps on friday. We hope for better, he said.


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