Kgpian throngs on Amit’s malancha Road Show, Amit campaigns for hiran, appeals to cast vote for bjp


Kiran Behera, Kharagpur, Home Minister Amit Shah leads the road show in kharagpur. He  was accompanied with West Bengal BJP Chief Dilip Ghosh, party general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya &  Kharagpur sadar candidate  Hiranmoy.


The roadshow started from Premhari Bhawan in Malancha till Malancha Petrol Pump which is approximately 1 km. The Malancha road was filled with supporters of BJP who came to have a glimpse of Amit Shah. Amit Shah and other BJP leaders waved and greeted people by showering rose petals at people as the vehicle slowly passed through Malancha road.

Amit Shah briefed the press individualy but people expected more address whi gathered and waited for hours just to have a glimpse of him.Thousand of people gathered to welcome Amit Shah on his road show in Kharagpur amidst the ongoing Coronavirus.  It is learnt that bike theft & pickpocketing also occured. The 17th Assembly elections of West Bengal has seen more spark than any other election in last few years. A list of popular individuals have filled their names for MLA candidates. Hiranmoy Chattopadhyay, a popular Bengali actor is BJP’s candidate from Kharagpur Sadar Constituency


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