Bharti writes letter to Mamta for stranded labourer’s, demands task force formation


report by raghunath sahu
kharagpur, BJP state vice-president Bharti ghosh has written a letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to help the Bengal laborers stranded in other states today. Ex IPS, Bharti mention in letter that 2 lakh gold craftsmen of Daspur in West Medinipur district, are trapped in Mumbai and other parts of the country. she demanded the formation of task force in all states to help the stranded workers Bharti released the video,  demanding Corona insurance for policemen, sweepers and journalists working in the global disaster Corona. she said that the workers from other states who have been advised quarantine are following its rules or not, the administration should keep an eye otherwise it will have tragic consequences. Talking about supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to stay in the house, Bharti said that the fight against Corona was to be won just like we won over smallpox and polio. 


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