corona relief work continues in Kharagpur, masks distributed


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, In Kharagpur municipality ward number 2, Dompara and other areas, food grains were distributed among the poor, by councilors Sukhraj Kaur and Pappu Atwal, including rice, onions and potatoes. Atwal said that a total of five hundred families have been identified for providing relief. Kharagpur Public Social Forum, with help of women’s social organization named Moitreyee, has so far distributed more than 800 masks to  social institutions and club members of


Kharagpur city engaged in helping the poor. since lockdown, the Forum is engaged in providing food and medicines to poor.

 In view of the Corona epidemic, 200 poor were fed to by RPF Kharagpur Division Office. Inspector S K Singh of the Reserve Company said that on Tuesday, ration will be distributed among the poor under the guidance of DSC Vivekananda Narayan. Here the Reserve Company personnel along with the medical staff visited Golbazar and distributed masks to the shopkeepers, and told them how to maintain social distance while shopping. People were asked to use hand sanitizers and gloves regularly while buying and selling daily necessities and goods.

50th battalion of the Central Reserve Police Force distributed food to poor families in Lodha-dominated Podiha and Rautora villages of Jhargram district in view of lockdown. On this occasion, Commandant Bajrang Lal 2nd Command Officer S K Basu, Deputy Commander T P Baghel and others were present.


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