Four dead in accident on NH, returning to orrsa due to lockdown in Kolkata

report by raghunath sahu

Kharagpur, Four died in a road accident near Dantan in West Medinipur district on National Highway No. 60, while five people, including a car driver, were injured. According to the information, a pvt car returning from Kolkata to Orissa today overturned near Dantan killing four people. All of them were purohit, residents of Jaleshwar and Baleshwar dist in Kolkata, due to the lockdown in Kolkata, these people were going back to their homes in early morning when the cow suddenly came in the highway.


The car overturned after applying the brakes, due to which four person spot death &othrs five injured were being treated at Medinipur District Hospital. The police is seized vehicle and investigating the matter.


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