people supported janta curfew


               report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur: Modi’s janta curfew call had a widespread impact in Kharagpur city. At five o’clock in the evening, people offered their gratitude to the doctors and others engaged in tackling the corona by clapping thali and conch shells. People listening to the roads in the areas of Golbazar, kharida , Inda and Malancha etc of Kharagpur remained submerged in their homes. At five o’clock in the evening, people came to the roofs and balconies of their homes and expressed their gratitude to the people fighting the corona with bells, claps and conch shells. Curfew was also seen in other areas including Jhargram, Medinipur, Haldia, Digha, Kanthi and Ghatal.


Lockdown in many cities of Bengal              The state government has declared a lock-down in various district cities of the state from Monday evening to March 27, although it has exempted medicines, food items, banking and other essential services. From lock down, Medinipur, Kharagpur, Ghatal, Jhargram district city of Medinipur district, Haldia, Ghatal, Kanthi and Kolaghat districts of East Medinipur district and district headquarters Tamluk have been placed in the list of lockdowns.

Passenger trains closed till 31 March, goods train will run
The railway administration has canceled all passenger trains from 22 pm mid night to 31 March midnight(24 hrs).
Trains which had commenced their journey prior to 04.00 hrs of 22.03.2020 will run upto their destinations. on Saturday night, the corona test of passengers was done with intensity due to which long queues were seen in Kharagpur station.


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