police distributed ration to poor, youths rescued old woman sent to hospital


report by raghunath sahu & rownak
Kharagpur , While the police distributed rations to the poor to fight the corona, the sick old woman admitted to hospital by local youths fulfilled their social responsibility. rations were distributed by the West Medinipur district police in Kharagpur and Narayangarh today. Rations were distributed to a total of 33 Lodha Shabar tribal families living in Narayangarh, a kit comprising of 10 kg rice, 3 kg potato, 2 kg pulses, one kg onion, one liter mustard oil and one detol soap was distributed. Narayangarh Police in-charge Pranab Senapati was also present. SDPO Kharagpur sukamal kanti das said that a rickshawpuller’s wife Sandhya Bera, lives in ward number 23 of Inda. Sandhya’s family was hungry since Wednesday. While Kharagpur town police station in-charge Raja Mukherjee fed food to the poor in Kharagpur.


Here, local social workers hospitalised a sick old woman living in China Town of Kharagpur. an old woman named Sona Bai was ill for the past several days, when it came to know that Om Prakash Singh, associated with Arora Cinema Kedarnath mandir Committee, reached Sona Bai’s house with his colleagues and called a rickshaw and reached Kharagpur Mahakama Hospital.

It is alleged that the old woman was ill for last three to four days, but no one came forward to help the alone old lady.


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