Police lathicharged people, then feed poor at night Kharagpur closed, people turned out for essential services


report by Raghu & Rounak
Kharagpur, On second day of the lockdown kharagpur police lathichrged to disperse the people in the morning then feed the poor at night.


On the second day of the state-announced lockdown on Tuesday, the streets of the mini india were deserted, but many arbitrary people were wandering violating norms, due to which the police had to chase rung in many places including Kaushalya, Inda, Golbazar, Malancha.

Due to the lockdown in the Kharagpur workshop, DRM office, people were languishing in their homes, the central and state government offices remained closed and only a few offices got necessary work. Here, due to deserting the beggars from the station premises by railway administration, poor people were seen coming here and there.

police forcibly closed the shop. SDPO Kharagpur Sukmal Kanti Das says that both shopkeepers and people are ready to take risks due to not being strict. In the night, Additional SP kgp Kaji Shamsuddin Ahmed, ic kgp t raja mukherjee Kharagpur and other senior officers were seen feeding food to the poor and homeless. Beggars sleeping at Giri Maidan, Golbazar, Bogda and other places were fed.


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