Social organizations extended hands of cooperation


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Many organizations of Kharagpur city have extended their hand for cooperation and have provided ration to poors. 5 kg rice was distributed to 365 people in Ayma by Kharagpur nagrik sangha. President of the sangha, Suresh Chandra Dwivedi told that ten extremely poor families were adopted to distribute food items for 21 days.


BJP Madhya Mandal vice-president Om Prakash Singh helped 100 poor families of Ward 18 by giving them grains, potatoes and soap.

In Ward 17, food was distributed to the people under the leadership of Banhi Deof BJP Mahila Morcha.

Food items were distributed by the Leftist in the rail area of ​​Ward 27 and in Jhapatapur, Chhotengra area of ​​Ward 28.

while in Ward 10 lunch packets were distributed to the poor under the leadership of TMC leader B Harish under Vivekananda Jaruri Service.


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