To lockdown Kharagpur Police takes command, If the rules are violated, then strictly


report by raghunath sahu
kharagpur,  To make the lockdown successful in Kharagpur city, the police stepped into the field in the evening earlier RPF also took strict action for not to allow people to enter into the rail areas, while many people were seen bothering to go to their houses in the bus stand.

Many people shopped fiercely today. The lockdown was declared in Kharagpur city from five o’clock on Monday, but many shopkeepers and people neglected  it, due to which the police had to close the shops and the people had to drive away.

Police reached Golbazar, Gatebazar, kharida, Nimpura, Malancha etc in the evening and got the shops closed, SDPO Sukmal Kanti Das told that if people show up wandering inexplicably from Tuesday or if shops are found open violating rules then they would take strong action.

ASP kgp kaji samshuddin ahmed gave the slogan Mentally Attached But Physically Detached, he told Prevention is Better Than cure. Earlier this morning an administrative meeting was held in Kharagpur municipality regarding preparations made to fight Corona in which SDO Vaibhav Chaudhary, MLA Pradip Sarkar and others attended.

people were forced to travel in buses by paying more money. In view of the lockdown, the railway administration has declared Kharagpur workshop a holiday up to 27th march. The markets of Kharagpur were overcrowded.

rpf interrogated the people who wanted to enter the rail areas in entry point like Puratan Bazar More, Chhota Tangra, South Side, Nimpura & other places.


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