woman buried in forest, villagers disallow creamation Incident took place in Poradiha,Kharagpur


report by raghunath sahu
photo: debnath
Kharagpur, A heart patient woman’s dead body was forced to bury in the forest for not letting her burnt in the village. The  incident is of Poradiha village of Haritara anchal of Kharagpur number one block, shows how much Corona terror has settled among the villagers.


Meera Mahato, wife of Jhareshwar Mahato, resident of Poradiha village, was suffering from heart disease which was taken to Bangalore for treatment few days ago but Meera Mahato was not admitted to the hospital under the pressure of treatment of Corona patients after which the patient’s health deteriorated.

And finally she was dead on 28th march. facing troubles due to lockdown, Jhareshwar reached his village poradiha from banglore on monday where the villagers denied creamation due to panic of Corona, police interfered but couldn’t succeed after which corpse was taken to Medinipur but couldn’t burnt due to people’s protest the police brought the corpse back to the village but seeing the protest, lastly body buried in  nearby forest area.


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