30 arrested for breaking lockdown, 23 released on bail, Drones monitored in Nimpura market


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Police arrested 30 people from town for breaking the lockdown, out of which 23 were released on bail, while seven have been booked. Today drones  monitored markets to enforce social distancing in nimpurannnnnnn market, while SDPO kgp sukamal kanti das campaigned in various markets. Kharagpur t police station took action  for the second consecutive day  campaigned in various markets including BNR Market, Talbagicha and asked people to wear masks for social distancing while arresting those who obstructed police work and arbitrary Gone. SDPO of Kharagpur, Sukmal Kanti Das said that in Nimpura market, drones were monitored and distance standards of shops were also examined.


Police started operations in other markets including BNR market, due to which the market closed timely today. Kharagpur t police station in-charge Raja Mukherjee said that under the Police Act 34, there were arrests from all over the town, out of which 23 were released on bail, while 7 were accused of not  complying with government rules, disrupting police duty. A case was registered against 7 people under sections 186, and 188, while on Saturday about 18 people were arrested from golebajar, Subhashpalli and other places. including a woman. Police is appealing to the people to stay at home, otherwise strict action will be taken.


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