34 people arrested for breaking lockdown, Corona treatment in Medinipur, Druggist to deploy delivery boy

Kharagpur, Kharagpur T police arrested 34 people from different parts of Kharagpur on saturday. While the corona patient will be treated in Medinipur, after the instructions of the Chief Minister, the Isolation Ward has been removed from chandmari hospital. Krishnendu Mukherjee superitendent of Kharagpur Mahakama Hospital said that there are two patients in the isolation ward at Kharagpur Mahakama Hospital who have been shifted to Medinipur. He said that Corona related patient would beadmitted to Ayush Hospital and Glocal Hospital of Medinipur.

A meeting between police and drug distributors & retailers held in Kharagpur t police station to supply the medicine at home. At the meeting, Sub Inspector Sukmal Ghosh told the drug dealers that the name of the delivery boy should be put in front of the shop, mobile number and vehicle number, administration will issue eye card so that he didn’t  not have any problem. Police believe that many people continue to roam inexplicably in the name of buying drugs. SDPO Kharagpur Sukmal Kanti Das said that if people have problems then the police will also help in supplying the medicine by going door to door. Sunil Srivastava, executive member and wholesaler of Bengal Chemist and Drug Association, said that police does not make any concession even with drug vehicles. In the meeting, the demand was made to ensure smooth movement of drug vehicles. Srivastava said that the government should insure for the social security of the people associated with the drug business so that people could work fearlessly.


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