9 shopkeepers in Kharagpur in custody for lockdown violation, Haldia port staff Corona positive Ganja seller in custody in Medinipur


report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, Led by SDPO Sukmal Kanti Das kgp t ps went on a rampage in several areas of kgp, including  Gate Bazaar, Malancha, Kharida, Nimpura and DVC Bazaar,etc & detained 9 shopkeepers selling idli tea etc.


during the lockdown, Kuikata area of ​​Medinipur have banned the entry of outsiders. Medinipur kotwali thana police detained one person allegedly selling ganja.

Kanak Durga Mandir committee distributed food items to 450 needy people of nimpura rail basti.

Here, Haldia port is deserted due to finding Kovid positive in a person who returned from Delhi Nizamuddin. It is known that the person who returned from the Tablidi infusion of Delhi, Nizamuddin, was admitted to the isolation ward of Haldia Mahakama Hospital on 31 March which was corona positive.


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