Bharti accuses the Chief Minister of not getting the Corona Test done on Corona Said death due to corona is being hidden, demand of giving PPE kit to health workers


                report by raghunath sahu
Kharagpur, 17 April. The Chief Minister of the state is not performing its moral responsibilities regarding Corona, is negligent to say that former IPS and BJP leader Bharti Ghosh. Bharti Ghosh released the video message on Friday and made the said allegation. Bharti says that as more and more corona is being tested every day in other states of the country, according to that, the test is not being done in Bengal due to which the infected are not coming out. More testing kits are lying idle like this, they are not being used. Earlier in the state where there were 80 to 90 tests every day, now only 9-10 tests are being conducted every day. If 10 people are getting symptoms of corona in hospitals, then only two of them are being tested. The Bengal government is misleading the people about the Corona figures. On the death of the same corona, instead of writing a death certificate to the doctors, the report is being sent to the expert committee sitting in the health office and the committee is deciding whether to write corona positive in the certificate.


She said that the way the state government has given permission to open many shops including sweets and flowers in violation of the lockdown in the state, it will have a very bad effect on the state. she appealed to the people to stay in the house and said that if there is not much required, please stay at home because people will be safe only by staying in the house, and people will be safe and their area will be safe. PPE kits should be given to the workers and also to the dom. People are working to put their lives at risk.


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