Care for You distributes food to 400 people every day, deshbandhu, cong, bjp also helped


Kharagpur, The social organization, Care for You, provides food to about 400 people per day who spend  in the footpath of Kharagpur. Care For You has been cooking for the past seven days.


Kharagpur On behalf of the Congress party, around 300 people in Majhipara, Gaterpara and Malincha Road area of ​​Ward 16 of Kharagpur municipality received rice, pulses, potatoes, onions, salt, soybean and soap by support of b. Kalavati, Amarnath Chatterjee, Amit Sharma, Sumit Sharma, Ankur Dolui, Pradeep Singh, pritam singj and Mannu Paswan.

On behalf of Deshbandhu Club, Jaihind Nagar, about 2000 people were fed to the daily wage laborers and economically weaker sections in the last three days.

Here the workers of Ward No. 8 of the BJP got the food stuck to the drivers trapped in the lockdown near the silky metallics in the Bombay Road that there are many people standing there
The trucks’ batteries have been stolen.


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